Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OUCH! Darn Sewing Needle...Amazing Tip, Watch Stain Dissapear...

My PATIENT hubby is working on my website, I hope to open a new online Shoppe within the next month or so...depending on just HOW patient or how long it takes for his patience to run out! lol! In the meantime, since I have my booth at Teaberry filled, I've been working on items (pretties) to fill the shelves in my online Shoppe when it opens.

I'm SURE if you are a seamstress, avid sewer or just dabbled in sewinghere and NEVER fails...OUCH! That DARN needle, then the dripping of blood...Oh NOOOO not on that!

Here's a tip that I learned about 20 years ago while working in an Interior Decorator's workroom...
Take a REALLY long length of WHITE (don't use color)thread, preferably cotton, but poly/cotton will work.
Wadd the thread up into a ball, then put it in your mouth, sorry but yes like a spit ball.
Then, rub it on the blood stain, you will see it disapear and disolve the blood.
Bet you didn't know that your own enzymes in your saliva break down blood, only your own blood. It won't work on someone elses, they have to use their own saliva.
It's a nasty remedy, but it truly works!!
~Hope to see you Pink Saturday, enjoy the tip!~


  1. Karen - I am almost - (operative word) ALMOST tempted to stick my finger and try this. But . . . I dunno. I am not a needle fan.
    :) This is great! Thanks for sharing!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  2. That is very interesting. I hope I remember this tip the next time I cut myself.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. hello, what a great tip. thanks so much. I think your blog is so pretty. hugs, joey


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