Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Saturday...

Happy Pink Saturday,thanks again to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting such a fun event! Please click on the link for Pink Saturday and be sure to visit all of the wonderful pinks in the blogs listed on Beverly's blog!
I love making Victoran style teacup pin cushions and I have one for you with lovely handmade, (of course by me), pink satin ribbon roses and satin greenery.

I apologize for my very short Pink Saturday blog, We had to rush my 17yr old kitty Angel to the vets. We found out in the beginning of the week that she has diabetes, yesterday her heart started to fail. It's hard when she's been a part of my life for 17years. The Vet is still working on her, but it doesn't look good at all. Most likely I'll be at the Vet's office most of the day.


  1. So sorry to know Angel kitty is in hospital ... it is hard to have them in your life for so long. Best wishes ...

    I love LOVE your teacup creations, they are darling.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Hi Karen, Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty Angel. I pray that she will be okay, please know that I will be thinking and praying for you and your sweet kitty.

    Your Teacup pincushion is simply lovely :)

    Take care friend, warmest hugs, Brenda

  3. Karen, I am so sorry about your kitty is soo hard when our beloved pets age and become ill..Thinking of you..

    Your pincusion is wonderful by the way, so pretty..


  4. As a pet lover I feel your hurt my friend. I pray all goes well.

    Happy Pink Saturday. LOVE YOUR PINCUSHION!


  5. Oh, I'm sorry about your kitty. As an owner of two dogs, I can relate to how much your kitty has become a part of your family. Last August, our puppy (then about 6 months) got really sick...vomiting profusely, diarrhea profusely, etc. Our vet didn't think she was going to make it. She had us put her at the animal emergency room for 2 nights ($$$). They couldn't figure out what was wrong, and we had visions of having to put her down to relieve her suffering. We were SO distraught at the thought, and we had only had her a few months. So, I can only imagine how difficult it is for you after 17 years. Praying she pulls through, as our sweet Ginger did.

    The pincushion is beautiful. I love it. You do beautiful work.

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  6. Oh, so sorry. Wishing you the best.

  7. Hi Karen,

    I love the teacup. Its so dainty and perfect. So sorry to hear about your lovely cat. I know all to well about diabetes except it was my 18 month old daughter that was struck by it. She is now 23. My heart never recovered. I did not know that pets could get sick from it. I hope the vet can help her. All the best!


  8. Your pincushion is beautiful! Hope your sweet kitty gets better.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  9. Hope your kitty gets better!
    Love the sweet
    pin cushion tea cup!!


  10. I hope the kitty gets better. and I like your Pinks!

  11. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope Angel is well soon. Thanks for your pretty pink post - I'll keep you in my thoughts.