Friday, July 30, 2010

A Long Week...Thanks!

Good morning, I would like to thank all of you who posted on my blog last week for pink saturday and sent their well wishes for my kitty Angel. She passed away last weekend, quietly, I'm still trying to get use to her not being with me after 17 years, it's hard. My daughter picked her out of a litter back in 1993 and she's been a real joy to our family, we all miss her so much. My vet, a VERY huge hearted man, volunteers his services to our local shelter, freely treats hurt animals left by the side of the road, told me this...
"I've seen so many unwanted animals come through this office and shelter, not one tear shed for their existence and ending. Angel was a very lucky girl to have a family and tears shed for her life knowing she was loved."

Well, now that I'm crying again...
I'll see you all tomorrow for Pink Saturday! ( :


  1. Oh, Karen, I'm SO sorry. I was hoping and praying that she would pull through. I know you are grieving the loss of the dear little kitty that was a part of your lives for so long. Praying for a healing of your heart.


  2. Karen, I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet Angel. I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Pets become a big part of your family; become one of your family, and when you lose one you grieve for them very deeply. Please know that I am thinking of you, and I am sending you a great big hug! Just take time to grieve, and always remember the sweet memories you have of sweet Angel.

    Warmest hugs always, Brenda

  3. Hi Karen, I am so sorry, your sweet kitty had a wonderful long life with you and that is a blessing..its not right that we outlive our beloved pets is it..hugs and it does get better with time..