Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hidden Suprises...

Have you ever had one (more like four) of those days when you just feel "off?" You know...sluggish, can't get out of your own way kinda day? I've just finished FOUR of them, along with a bad stomache, thank Heavens when I woke up this morning all was BETTER!! My hubby was home from work sick yesterday, he thinks I gave it to him, nawwwww not me! ( : Sorry sweetie!

About two weeks ago, I decided to start cleaning out and get ready for painting a vintage 1920's dresser.
Removing the drawers, unscrewing the handles, sanding....tipped the dresser over sideways to get into the hard nooks and crannys that seem to gather years of crud and dust, when out trickles two very knotted vintage gold necklaces!

I was able to untangle them, the clasp on the chain that the cross is on was broken and the chain that the cameo is on a bit tarnished and needs cleaning, other than that they are beautiful...WHAT A WONDERFUL SUPRISE!

If I hadn't purchased it at a thrift shop, but from someones home, I would certainly return the gems. My imagination can't help wandering back to a simpler place in time, to a lovely lady removing them while looking into the mirror that I have today. Hopefully her dismay losing her treasures were eased by another loving gift to replace them by her sweetheart. Yes, that's my imagination at work!

Good news for me, yippeee!! It's a DEFINITE, we're shopping the Longest Yardsale August 5th-8th!! If your not familiar with it, it is along Rt 127, starts in Michigan and goes all the way down into Alabama. We're going to start in Kentucky and shop until my "dough" runs out! Of course my hubby and I are hookin up our enclosed trailer for all the large finds...I hope to fill it up, I can't wait! I'll take plenty of pictures and blog, blog, blog about it when I get home.

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  1. What a great find!! I understand that if you knew who this piece belonged to, you would return them but since you have no idea then they are your treasures!
    Lucky you going on the Longest Yard Sale!! I am familiar with it because of HGTV.
    Can't wait to see what you come home with!!
    Have a wonderful time!!