Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Angel Facts...

Sometimes, don't you just slightly feel it? A fluttering touch on the cheek...a slight "tug" on a wisp of hair...a soft cautious warning whisper of your name when you know you shouldn't do that something you want to do and regret it later? For those of you, me myself and I, ( : who believe in Guardian Angels here are a few inspirational facts that you might enjoy reading...

An Angel is someone who helps you believe in miracles again.

On earth, an Angel's wings are inside.

An Angel's voice is beautiful because he always speaks the truth.

Angels see right through your wall.

An Angel does not give up or give in, He just gives.

You can always see Angels' protecting light shine on the still faces of sleeping children.

When we were small, we all listened to the Angel inside us.

I hope you find your Angel, if you haven't already!



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  1. love this post and to me so very true.,love glenda