Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday...Sweet Pink Pillows!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Please click on the Pink Saturday link on my side bar and visit our host for Pink Saturday, Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Thanks Beverly for hosting such a fun event every weekend!

I've been really busy the past few days in my workroom after returning home from my longest yardsale "vacation"...visit my yardsale post below for MANY great pictures!

New things, they're old, but new to me ( : always puts creative excitement in my step...which is a good thing!

Here is a pretty pink rose needle point pillow that I made from a framed picture that my mom found (you can see it in my yardsale pics in the post below)...

Another pretty pink cross stitch that was originally in a frame...

I LOVE vintage postcards, especially Holiday ones!

A "shabby rustic" sign that I handpainted, I still need to add the hanger to the back...

I found these lovely finger-tip tea towels last year at Ross, bought every single one too! I made most of them into tea or coffee cup cozies with fresh lavender inside...they smell really yummy when the heat from a hot cup warms the lavender!

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and a lovely weekend!

Please visit my Yardsale post below, two free single playing card images from my original Lady Baltimore playing card deck for my bloggie buddies!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday to you!! Hope you're having a lovely day.

    Your pillows are gorgeous. I love them. I think my favorite is the "my sister my friend" one...but they are all lovely.

    Cute tea towels too.

    Blessings to you,

  2. I love the pillows..they are beautiful!!

  3. Very pretty pillows. Happy Pink Saturday.